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She butter moisturizes irrtated dry and flaky skin. Dry skin can be itchy and painful especially in winter weather months. Using it in places like hands, feet, elbow, and even your cheeks can help reduce  the redness and irritation harsh winter weather and dry air cause your delicate skin. Shea butter is gentle enough for everyday use on red, scaly dry skin, even the dry  skin around your eyes or on your cheeks.


Shea Butter Benefits: Remove Dark Spots, Best Oil for Wrinkles, Reduce Itching, Even After Sunburn, Alternative to Shaving Cream, Heal Cracked Skin, Calm Cold Weather Damage, Prevent Stretch Marks,

Ease Muscle Fatigue, Treat Eczema and Dermatitis.

100% Pure Organic Raw Shea Butter - 12 oz

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    Made in Canada



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