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Black african liquid soap

Our unique black african soap takes a twist on the traditional recipe. Formulated in a convenient luxurious liquid, it can be used as a body, face and hair wash. Its natural antibacterial properties are combined with added beneficial ingredients like aloe vera, chia extract, turmeric extract and the super plant moringa.

Organic Bar Soaps

Our handcrafted cold-pressed bar soaps are made from a variety of organic ingredients including turmeric, papaya, oatmeal and activated charcoal. Awell, as the traditional african black soap in bar form. This natural soap will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean without the harsh strping actions of convectional chemicals normally found in store bought soaps. 

Whipped Shea Butter

Our shea butter is whipped to perfection.  Blended with lovely essential oils such as lavender and rose. With its ability to moisturize and soothe dry skin it can also be used to fade unwanted scars, stretch marks and to treat skin conditions like eczema.

Back to Our roots, back to nature

When it comes to cleaning and taking care of the body, what we put on our skin has implications not just for the environment but also for our health. The soap that we generally find in stores has been mass produced containing a whole range of dangerous and harmful ingredients.


Bringing it back to nature, Skin Smile's organic products are handmade with the highest quality natural ingredients and oils. Bringing it back to our roots, we source our shea butter and raw ingredients for our African Black Soap from its native origin Ghana, West Africa


Skin Smile is equally great for skin of the face and the body, for its delicate and smooth nature, as well great for the hair and scalp with its natural cleansing lather.   Skin Smile is biodegradable meaning it is safe for you and your environment. So instead of reaching for products with potential harm, why not reach for products with guaranteed health?

Love you, Love your skin and love your environment. 

~ Skin Smile 

“Left my skin feeling moisturized and glowing. It had a rich consistency, it was smooth and smelled great. Especially great in the winter time.” (Whipped Shea Butter review)

Yanni, Toronto

"It wasn't drying as like regular soap and it helped with evening my skin." (Black African Liquid Soap review)  


"I loved it! Felt really fresh and clean after. Didn't leave any residue." (Black African Liquid Soap review)  

Siena, Toronto


Skin Smile



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